A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Coffee is good, in contrary to my daily rhythm

Coffee considered a Good Thing(tm), especially espresso. But only 3-4 cups a day. Now that's what I drink max, so that's ok with me ;) But they say that I should avoid instant... Too bad.

In other news: I got an air mail of the Domain Registry of America with the Great Offer(tm) of renewing my domain for only 27 euro a year! That's 13 euro *more* then I have to pay with my current registerer, Gandi.net, including VAT. Not a bad offer ;) And I have to act Real Soon, because it will expire July 11th! Yeah, like I'm *that* sloppy...

Advertisement: Gandi.net for your domain name registries ;)

Anyways, about my blogging habits. The last 2 weeks I've lost the last rhythm I had. Now the only rhythm in my life is the one in the music I listen. Ah well, can't be that bad, because I still live. I'm just not that productive :) I discovered sitting in my lazy chair, laptop in my lap, is a great way to do nothing. Yeah, I'm reading the Net one bit by another, but my University work and even my own projects aren't advancing much. Or at all. I'm now setting up a bug tracking system, which I'll probably use to keep track of all the wishes for private projects. Maybe it will serve as a personal TODO list too. Hmz, I guess I should use that feature on my palmtop more...

And besides all that I'm trying to reorganize my computers too. I made up a nice TODO list, but that's gathering dust in the meantime... My desktop has 60GB total diskspace, from which I use only 3GB [the size of my Morphix partition]... The rest occupies some ancient Windows installs, and a lot of old documents and music. I guess I should archive more :) Then I will finally have space to build my own 2.6.x kernel. Heh.