A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Cellphone has arrived. Issues :|

Me and my stupid gadgets. I got my latest one today^Wyesterday; the Sony Ericsson Z200 I mentioned earlier on. It took a while [maybe because it is that kind of rare I like about it], but this morning it arrived. Weeeh :)

Anyways, it's cute =) Can a cellphone be cute? Well, apparently :) I like the way it looks ["frosty white" and silver, with orange backlight of the keys and dark gray accents. Uh-huh :)]. And I totally like the 40 track polyphonic ringtones [thought it was waaayyy overkill; I liked my selfcomposed singlephonic [sic] ringtone]. The 128x128 pixel screen is crisp and with it's 4096 colors nice for a phone [it doesn't have a camera anyway]. BTW, when I think a cute gadget is scary, but that's offtopic ;)

Then it was time to try the infrared connectivity. Hey, it won't do anything with the call requests my palm handheld made. It didn't recieve the vCards I was sending it. It _could_ send images to the handheld however. Hmm. Laptop? Images ok, data and pim connectivity not. Bummer. That was kinda why I bought it. Because of the - oh wait - modem? Turned out I overlooked the possibility of a cellphone with infrared, but without modem. But I so _do_ like the rest of the phone. *sigh* The world is so unfair sometimes...

Anyways, I'm going to try find a way to get my bed cleaned from those boxes and paper manuals and stuff. I just want to catch up some sleep :|