A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Snowboarding officially declared cool

OK, the party was nice. Very nice :) I kept on crashing into the snow [kinda hurts, but it was big fun], and at last I was sort of navigating myself downhill. The lessons where junk, but I guess that was because our group was way to large. The free hour having made fun out of yourself and the others was a lot nicer =)

Then there was the dinner. At 21 hours, we finally arrived [hungry :P] at Cafe Amsterdam. It's a nice place, with [it turned out] very edible food ;) And nice wine and such =) Everybody was feeling very joyous [I wonder why] and saying things that very well could be used against them =)

My gf and I catched the very last train [thanks Martijn and Susanne for dropping us]. But when we wanted to drive home, the car stopped functioning. Stupid old car. Well, after pushing it for 200 meters or something [pretty heavy car when you are tired and had too much wine and whiskey ;)] we gave up and called my dad. It was hopeless, so we pushed it into a free parking place and went home. I hitted my bed at 3:33AM.

And now back to my work :)