A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Blog^WRantbox update

And there it is: shiny and new, well not that new, but it's enhanced. With even more caffeine and stuff. Oh, and free bargain fonts for your OS [not on this site =)]. At least it has a free RSS feed for your free windows feedreader or *nix counterpart [or your own favorite of course]. Wow I sound fscked up :)

Maybe because I slept only a few hour tonight and went to a meeting keeping myself awake with Red Bull(tm). I really got to go to bed sooner [ah who am I kidding :)]. Anyways, I'm going to kill this entry before I can scare even the last reader away from this site =)

Oh, did I mention the enhanced navigation throughout this site? Well, check out the browse function and the permalinks on each blurp I write.

For those of you wondering where the info on the top of the homepage went [noone? ah well...], it's all on the about page now.