A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Alextreme about monoculture, viri and users

Alextreme has a nice post about the cause of viruses at his blog. He mades some points I'm making too for some time now [maybe I should write those irritations/thinkerings down here before alextreme beats me again]. The monoculture of windows [and the non-security by default settings] is a nice target for virus writers. Add up some stupid users [yeah, there are plenty of those on the web. Just look at the numbers of MyDoom infections: you actually have to start the e-mail attachment to get the infection - no Microsoft magic here - and still millions of users manage to get their machines compromised; now serving as free spam relays. Nice, thank you...] and you have instant havoc. And we at home laugh at it [3 of the 4 people here still use windows; I'm doing something wrong...], because I train them how to cope with the e-mail viruses. Still, no windows pc at our network is completely save, due to the flaws Microsoft is keeping in their software [some of them recognized for over two - 2! - years].

Well, that was a nice, old-fashioned rant. I would like to add that I think eMule is a better alternative then Limewire [I found the latter quite slow, and adware prone]. Now I should really get some rest; this weekend wasn't very helpfull in that fashion and I've to work again tomorrow. I'll live :)