A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Friday, sunny Friday

And the Sun shines. Yesterday it was the first sunny day in weeks [I'm not quite exaggerating], and it keeps on shining until Sunday, the weather forecasters say. Then it's going to rain or snow. Yeah, whatever. If it's going to change so dramatically, then let it snow for some days [combined with some freezing and we've got something we could actually call Winter].

I'm still building that schedule script. If I've finished it [or at least when it's usable], I'm going to finish some features of this rantbox. I would really like to have the RSS feed script finished [it will generate a .rss file every time I add a rant, so Apache will tell the feed readers if it's modified in it's 15 minute interfall [people should check at most once in an hour, 15 minutes is not polite for webservers. Well, mine could handle it, but I'm talking in general now].

Coding some further, and going to get myself some breakfast real fast now. *hungry* =)