A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Rammstein mood

I'm in a Rammstein mood at the moment. Freaking weather [had to ride my bike through an almost freezing, but in any way very wet storm...], and that freaking University. To many courses to follow, however it should be doable. It's just that I'm feeling overwhelmed. So I felt like screaming [Rammstein helps :)], surely after that darn exam Tuesday evening. I hope it's going to be enough to get me through, but I fear dark fears :/

Ah well, time to get some PHP practise at one of my websites. Maybe I should finish that Schedule parser I started earlier this day, or finally finish my nice bookmarks script. Or add edit functionality to this blog [nah, who needs to edit his own rants :)], or to the aquariusoft.org site. Then I'm going to take a hot shower and watch some taped CSI: Miami. Great series, btw.

I'm calming down already, should do this more often :)