A rantbox

Gadget spree

It's the time of the year again. I'm in love with several gadgets :) First, there is this TV card I'm going to buy anyway [because it's a kind of birthday present]. And now there's a little cellphone I've a crush on. Oh, and there's a nice project helping a little wonder [wannahave :)] becoming even more cool. Keeps my life a little fun I suppose :)

I hope it's going to btw, because my study isn't quite helping... I've finally finished the Computer Networks project [submitted the sourcecode last Thursday and the documentation last Saturday, at my birthday of all days. Yeah, it was the deadline ;) ]. Now all hope is focused on the liking of the whole by the assistents. God, let them have merci ;) Then my focus was on assembling my schedule for the next weeks, which turned out to be quite, er, busy. Where did I hear that before... Ah well, keeps me busy.

When reading my daily batch of news and blogs, I came along some fine postings of my friend Alex, aka alextreme, from the project Morphix [among others]. The first posting is about blogging and why women are weird ;). The second is a piece about a subject I was thinking of myself. I like complaining [sorry sweet girlfriend], and I'm carrying this into more use bit by bit. Like the Footnotes section in my Computer Networks documentation [which complains about the sloppy support], I'm ventilating my founded griefs and complaints louder then first, when I was slowly boiling in them. Now I only hope people will actually listen to them and do something about it instead of thinking me a complete dork, which I'm surely not of course ;)

Anyway, I don't quite care whether or not this rantbox is read by anyone else then me or a lost websurfer [however I like to get some feedback of people who actually read it, so who is kidding who :)], but I find it relieving to write down my thoughts and some of my deeds here. And besides that it helps me getting my English straight :)

Well, running out of this king size edit field, so I suppose I've written enough for today. Hope you all enjoy your life a little more [mine isn't that bad either, but it has some nuicances :)]. Yours truly.