Nienke says "Hello World"

In the night of Sunday to Monday, at 4:17, Nienke rushed into this world. Where Daan took his time being delivered, I was barely awake (Ineke woke me at 4:01) when Nienke saw her first lamplight.

Needless to say, she was born at home, in the tub where Ineke thought she was going to relax a bit while the contractions that started at around 1AM where building up; the delivery went well (thankfully so, as the midwife/verloskundige wasn't even there yet - I was telling her live what was happening while she rushed to our place where she arrived just minutes late), and both Nienke and Ineke are fine, be it tired.

Of course, this was already a few days ago, so we had some interesting times already. She's doing great; a lot more quiet than Daan used to be her age, which is really welcome. We are enjoying our ruined nights, but are relaxed. Daan is being the sweet big brother.

Official "Hello World" post


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