aquamorph v0.3: almost there :)

I know I've said it before, but the new version of my livecd is almost done. I'm now playing with the package configuration to keep the size down a bit; it turned out to be an .iso of about 420MiB, which I thought was a tad large. I left out some packages and fonts and it's smaller already. Also, I'm thinking about keeping out the Sun Java environment. Anybody has thoughts about that? It saves quite a lot of space :)

OK, when I don't put Java in there, but do include de audio/video codecs and some fonts, I have an .iso of 339MiB. That's a lot better. So, complaints about keeping Java out?

Obligatory screenshot:

aquamorph v0.3 screenshot


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I am begging you! Leave JAVA out! :P No kidding, only let it in when it's usefull and working. I would appreciate it tho' if you put in JAVA support for Firefox, on my Morphix distro I still can't get JAVA to work..

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I guess those Java files don't compress very well. I don't think 420MB is an unreasonable size for a Live CD. Personally I would leave it in unless you are targeting a certain size (e.g. 256 for USB pen drives or older hardware), and leaving it out would get you there. 80MB's of space is seems a reasonable trade versus the hoops an end user has to jump through to get java installed and working.

You could always offer two ISO's: a "lite" version, and a "bloated" one. ;)

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Myeah, it was mainly a concern as my upload bandwidth isn't that high. However, Alex from Morphix doesn't have problems with hosting my .iso's, so I guess I'll just put it in. I initially added it as installing Java can be a pain if you don't know how to do it, so I think it belongs in aquamorph indeed :)

So, I'll download the latest version, and put it in there. By the way, it's nice to have the complete SDK in there, but wouldn't most users be content with the JRE [runtime environment] only? Oh well, I'll just put in the SDK ;)

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