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Tue 09 March 2004

Blogging and me

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I guess that I wasn't in a verbose mood the last few days. I sat the whole day with my laptop in my lap, just browsing and browsing and browsing. This weekend wasn't that much better. More tomorrow. I hope =)

Like anybody cares anyway.


Thu 04 March 2004

RSS 2.0

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I've reworked the RSS feed code, so it does validate now. It was RSS 1.0 [kinda], and now it is valid RSS 2.0. Weeeh :)

If only Feedreader was able to understand the <content> tags, I would be able to read my own blog at work =) Thankfully, Straw works …


Wed 03 March 2004

Attack the right evils

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And when I'm at the subject of videogames; in the same interview he says the following:

"You want to look at something that's screwing up kids' lives, drugs are a horrendously horrible, horrible problem. They're a very real problem that we haven't been able to deal with. You can go …