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Wed 03 March 2004

Cellphone has arrived. Issues :|

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Me and my stupid gadgets. I got my latest one today^Wyesterday; the Sony Ericsson Z200 I mentioned earlier on. It took a while [maybe because it is that kind of rare I like about it], but this morning it arrived. Weeeh :)

Anyways, it's cute =) Can a cellphone be cute …


Thu 26 February 2004

Work, work. Okiedokie. Ow, and SNOW :)

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*Warcraft III flashback*. Well, I've finished my Databases I assignment for tomorrow^Wtoday. Furthermore, I'm busy adding whole lots of new functionality to this blog [nice enhancements to various navigation things], a soon-to-be-here(tm) RSS feed and such.

On a whole other note: it was a very nice day today …