Blogmarks for Sunday 03 January 2010

Interesting links of this week:

[YouTube] It Could Be Worse

It could be raining

Let's stop talking about "backups"

Are you going to be able to restore them?

American Apparel Ads: the 50 Hottest in Company History

That's what you call mature advertisement. I like it.

[YouTube] RF plane with on-board camera flies through fireworks

Fun stuff. Everybody wants to shoot at planes with fireworks ;)

[Silverlight] Designing the Windows 7 Desktop Experience

Too bad it's a silverlight video, but moonlight should do the job. Interesting presentation by Stephan Hoefnagels about how the user experience designers went on their way to make windows7 a better place. I think they even succeeded in their endeavour, which means that windows7 actually is a version that gets out your face like it should. Good stuff.

The Death Of The Blog Post

Let's face it: the classic blog post is boring. Barring the text and images, each one generally has the exact same layout. We see little originality from one post to the next. Of course, consistency and branding are extremely important to consider when designing a website or blog, but what about individuality? Does a blog post about kittens deserve the same layout as one about CSS hacks?

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