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I secretly lived in my office for 500 days

Pocket | May 03, 08:09

Unable to pay rent in L.A., I slept behind my desk. But what began as a quick financial fix soon became a lifestyle I was asleep when I heard the door rattle against the frame. My eyes flashed open and I sprung upright in my under-desk sleep space.

Meeting Snowden in Princeton

Pocket | May 03, 07:53

I’m at Princeton where Ed Snowden is due to speak by live video link in a few minutes, and have a discussion with Bart Gellmann. Yesterday he spent four hours with a group of cryptographers from industry and academia, of which I was privileged to be one.

Zwanger en angstig: kan een online zelfhulpcursus helpen?

Pocket | May 02, 15:23

Voor zo’n tien tot vijftien procent van de zwangere vrouwen is zwanger zijn allesbehalve een roze wolk. Ze zijn somber en angstig: een enorm taboe. Wetenschappers schieten deze vrouwen nu te hulp. Zwangere vrouwen strálen.

The Untold Story of Silk Road

Pocket | May 02, 12:09

The postman only rang once. Curtis Green was at home, greeting the morning with 64 ounces of Coca-Cola and powdered mini doughnuts. Fingers frosted synthetic white, he was startled to hear someone at the door.

How Stagnation is Justified: Language of the Expert Beginner

Pocket | May 01, 21:51

So far in the “Expert Beginner” series of posts, I’ve chronicled how Expert Beginners emerge and how they wind up infecting an entire software development group.

How the language you speak changes your view of the world

Pocket | May 01, 15:31

Bilinguals get all the perks. Better job prospects, a cognitive boost and even protection against dementia. Now new research shows that they can also view the world in different ways depending on the specific language they are operating in.

Can Bitcoin Conquer Argentina?

Pocket | May 01, 06:48

Dante Castiglione stalked through the doors of a glass-walled office tower on the edge of downtown Buenos Aires, just a few hundred feet from the old port district. In the crowded elevator, he shook his head and muttered under his breath about the stresses of the day and his profession.

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