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The Python Paradox

In a recent talk I said something that upset a lot of people: that you could get smarter programmers to work on a Python project than you could to work on a Java project. I didn't mean by this that Java programmers are dumb. I meant that Python programmers are smart.

Crafting link underlines on Medium — Designing Medium — Medium

How hard could it be to draw a horizontal line on the screen? It seems wrangling a few pixels together to stand in a file would be something computers should be pretty good at anno domini twenty-fourteen.

The terrifying true story of the garbage that could kill the whole human race — Matter — Medium

The ship plows on with groaning sails, with a heave and a shove, like a fat man shouldering through a crowd. The motion is surprisingly stop-and-go, without ever really stopping, or quite going.

Even Gangsters — Sneeze — Medium

I live in West Oakland. Crime-ridden, poverty stricken, roll your windows up and hide your cell phone, West Oakland. Or so goes its reputation. People have been shot here. Pit bulls abound. All the cats in the park have yellow eyes.

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