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Bijstandsmoeder kan zelfs MEER krijgen dan 2000 euro netto

Er was deze week grote ophef over een column van Annemarie van Gaal die voorrekende dat een alleenstaande moeder in de bijstand met twee kinderen op de middelbare school zo'n €2.000 netto per maand binnenkrijgt.

De ingeloste beloften na 16 jaar Google: nul resultaten

Het begon met een wetenschappelijk artikel. In de lente van 1998, op de Seventh International World-Wide Web Conference in Brisbane, Australië, presenteerden twee jonge onderzoekers een paper aan hun vakbroeders.

Using data science to build better products

Data science as a field of study is growing at an epic pace.

My free software will respect users or it will be bullshit

I had dinner with a friend this evening and ended up discussing the FSF's four freedoms.

Slimme omgeving

COLUMN - Een week voordat Apple haar smart watch introduceerde (hij kan je hartslag meten en met je iPhone praten) publiceerde Bruce Sterling een vernietigend essay over de gedachte erachter.

Why systemd?

This blog post is based on a talk I gave on 2014-05-21. For a few years now, GNU/Linux distributions have been migrating away from SysV init and towards a plethora of different new init systems. For users who have been happy with SysV init, this can come as a surprise.

Building companies from "zero to hero"

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is useful product strategy that is loved and used by many lean startup practitioners around the world.  Many entrepreneurs, however, end up with MVPs that don’t land anywhere near their expectations. Their MVPs have very low conversion rates and no paying customers.

Einstein's "Time Dilation" Prediction Verified

To test the time-dilation effect, physicists need to compare two clocks — one that is stationary and one that moves.Credit: Nick via flickr Physicists have verified a key prediction of Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity with unprecedented accuracy.

Hardlopen is hot, maar is het ook gezond?

Bij de Dam tot Damloop liep een 24-jarige student over de finish. Hij sprak nog wat met Rode Kruis-medewerkers en stierf. Waarschijnlijk aan een heatstroke, oververhitting van het lichaam. Na de schok doemt meteen de vraag op: is hardlopen wel goed voor ons lichaam?

DSW-directeur Chris Oomen: ‘De zorgmarkt zit op een dode weg’ [interview]

‘Vorig jaar kon je nog enigszins rekenen, maar dit jaar is rekenen onmogelijk. Welkom in het gokhuis.’ Chris Oomen (65), directeur van de ‘grootste kleine zorgverzekeraar’ DSW, heeft het over de zorgpremie voor 2015 die hij deze dinsdag bekend zal maken.

Will Self: The awful cult of the talentless hipster has taken over

July 2014: it’s breakfast time at the Farmer’s Daughter, a boutique motel in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles.

Dear Facebook: This is why your new “real name” policy hurts queers like me

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg, Hi. I’m Jade Sylvan. That’s not the name I was born with. I chose my name because I wanted to be a writer and a performing artist, and “Jennifer Schaibley” sucked for those things.

Piper Review: The All-In-One Home Monitoring, Automation, And Security System That Won't Break Your Wallet

When I was in the process of opening my small pharmacy more than 3 years ago, I contacted a security firm and installed several thousands of dollars worth of surveillance and alarm equipment.

How “Lost” changed the way the world watches TV – Quartz

Mr. Eko, the Nigerian drug lord turned priest, would say that the story of Lost’s creation was not coincidence, but fate. Hatched as a half-baked kernel of an idea by an ABC executive on his way out the door, the show became a gargantuan worldwide success just a few months later.

Used and Abused – CSS Inheritance and Our Misuse of the Cascade

We are abusing the CSS inheritance model. There, I said it. I know that the “C” of CSS stands for “Cascading”, but that doesn’t mean we need to cascade from the simplest selector all the way down to a complex component.

High-Efficiency Generators for Hybrid Vehicles

An unconventional engine design is attracting attention as a potential alternative to hydrogen fuel cells or conventional engines in some hybrid vehicles. Called the free-piston engine, it could be used to generate electricity as efficiently as fuel cells yet cost less.

Europeans drawn from three ancient 'tribes'

The modern European gene pool was formed when three ancient populations mixed within the last 7,000 years, Nature journal reports. Blue-eyed, swarthy hunters mingled with brown-eyed, pale skinned farmers as the latter swept into Europe from the Near East.

Python bad practice, a concrete case

A lot of people read up on good Python practice, and there's plenty of information about that on the Internet. Many tips are included in the book I wrote this year, The Hacker's Guide to Python. Today I'd like to show a concrete case of code that I don't consider being the state of the art.

Look Mum! No database! (Thanks to AWK, a 30 year old program)

This is an odd story. It began about 10 years ago, when I needed a database, then it moved back 30 years, and now I don't need one. Confused? I promise to explain, and also to demonstrate some surprisingly useful command-line tricks.

This software for academic paper writing is inspired by Git

Authorea is writing software that makes it easier for collaborators to write an academic paper at the same time. But it doesn’t stop there. What makes the platform important is the way it makes it simple to incorporate a researcher’s data into his or her analysis of that data.

Yes, we’re being bought by Microsoft

Yes, the deal is real. Mojang is being bought by Microsoft. It was reassuring to see how many of your opinions mirrored those of the Mojangstas when we heard the news. Change is scary, and this is a big change for all of us. It’s going to be good though. Everything is going to be OK. <3

Without a keyboard

When the masses only connect to the net without a keyboard, who will be left to change the world? It is possible but unlikely that someone will write a great novel on a tablet.

The journalists who never sleep

At dawn on 17 March the inhabitants of Los Angeles were woken by a mild tremor. Less than three minutes later the Los Angeles Times website published an initial piece on the subject, at first sight a wire drafted in haste by a press agency: “A shallow magnitude 4.

My experience with using cp to copy a lot of files (432 millions, 39 TB)

[Top][All Lists] [Date Prev][Date Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next][Date Index][Thread Index] My experience with using cp to copy a lot of files (432 millions, 39 TB) Hi! I recently had to copy a lot of files and even though I've 20 years experience with various Unix variants I was still surpris

The State of ZFS on Linux

About the author: Richard Yao is the newest member of the ClusterHQ team. He has spent the past few years writing patches to various areas of the OSS stack and during that time became the second most prolific contributor to the ZFSOnLinux (ZoL) project by commit count.

Obey the Testing Goat!

We've been working on incorporating a Postgres database service into PythonAnywhere, and we decided to make it into a bit of a standalone project.

Overheid steunt kapitaal ten nadele van arbeid

Het Nederlandse regeringsbeleid in de afgelopen decennia alsook tijdens de crisis kan volledig begrepen worden als het steunen van mensen met financieel vermogen ten nadele van mensen die voor hun inkomen zijn aangewezen op een baan.

Als stagiair opzoeken wat de baas verdient: bij de gemeente kan het

Stel, je werkt als ambtenaar bij een gemeente. Je hebt wat tijd te doden én beschikking over Suwinet - een systeem waar je een enorme hoeveelheid intieme gegevens over burgers kunt inzien. Ga je daar in snuffelen?

Zo is het om van armoede in Afrika naar armoede in Amerika te gaan

Vodloza is de medicijnman van Paradise, een sloppenwijk in Zimbabwe.

Greg Costikyan - Gamersgate: STFU

NOTE: This was originally posted by Greg Costikyan over at Gamesutra. It was taken down for excessive profanity. All I haveto say is “fuck that.” This needs to be read.  I wanted to hold my tongue. Because when I let loose, it usually does me no favors. But she’s right.

Smart Watches, Wearables, and That Nasty Data Rash (Global Moxie)

This article first appeared in Issue #2 of Connected, a quarterly publication about connected devices, alongside many smarter observations about wearable technology. You should totally buy the issue here. Every technology has its toxic byproducts and associated maladies.

Hoe jongeren juist dieper de schulden worden ingerommeld

Minister van Onderwijs Jet Bussemaker (PVDA), gaat in gesprek met banken om hogere hypotheken toe te staan óndanks toenemende studieschulden. Dat blijkt uit afgelopen week gepubliceerde transcripties van een vergadering in de Tweede Kamer.

Anti-statiegeldlobby biedt Lidl en Aldi compensatie bij afschaffen statiegeld

ACHTERGROND - Het Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelen (CBL), de brancheorganisatie van supermarkten, en grote frisdrankfabrikanten strijden al jaren voor het afschaffen van het statiegeldsysteem voor petflessen.

Inspecting Yosemite's Icons

Last month Apple released a preview of their new operating system, OS X Yosemite. Following the visual refresh in iOS 7, Yosemite features a significant visual change. Apple has added the familiar blur and translucent materials, a cleaner looking user interface, a new system font and updated icons.

Responsible Open Source Code Parenting

I'm a big fan of John Gruber's Markdown. When it comes to humane markup languages for the web, I don't think anyone's quite nailed it like Mr. Gruber. His philosophy was clear from the outset: Readability, however, is emphasized above all else.

Lijden we straks allemaal aan digitaal geheugenverlies?

Afgelopen zomer werkte ik aan een reeks verhalen over het verzamelen en ‘ontzamelen’ van kunst.Meer over die reeks-in-wording lees je hier. Ik bezocht particuliere en institutionele verzamelaars en dook in verschillende bibliotheken in de geschiedenis en psychologie van verzamelen.

The opportunity cost of my #OpenScience was 35 hours + $690

Several years ago I made a personal commitment to Open Science: I try to publish papers on which I am the lead author on in open access journals and I archive data for these papers in Dryad, Figshare and other repositories.

Apple People, This is Why Others Hate You

Have you, Apple Fan, ever wondered why some people on the Internet seem to have an irrational hatred of you? Don’t worry, Rusty swings both ways, allow him to mediate and explain. Sure seems like a lot of smart watches and phones are being announced this week. SO STRANGE.

Can this free software company secure the future of Linux for the city of Munich? |

There are many solved problems in open source. Groupware is not one of them.

Electromagnetic Warfare Is Here

In the 2001 action movie Ocean’s Eleven, criminals use an electromagnetic weapon to black out a portion of Las Vegas. Very futuristic, you may say, but the threat is real and growing.

OMG Markdownspin ½

Again, twitter erupted into its own little controversy. This time, @codinghorror got together with a bunch of smart fellas and tried to tame Markdown.

De nieuwe jeugdzorgwet wordt precies verkeerd ingevoerd

Afgelopen 18 februari was het zover. De Jeugdwet was door de Eerste Kamer. Per januari 2015 zullen alle jeugdzorgtaken door de gemeenten worden uitgevoerd en niet meer door het Rijk, de provincies én de gemeenten.

Timmermans begrijpt niets van energiepolitiek

In zijn H.J. Schoo-lezing dinsdagavond in de Roode Hoed hield minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Frans Timmermans een mooi en hartstochtelijk pleidooi voor Europa, de Europese cultuur en de Europese Unie. Europa is, zo zei Timmermans, meer dan een geografisch gebied of continent.

The journey of going public (with sexual discrimination) — what no one wants to talk about — Medium

It has been one of the craziest and most unexpected few weeks of my life, all sparked by a ‘special’ email I received about a month ago. It included just over 10 words. Yet, the email itself and me deciding to become comfortable talking about it, has led to quite some public discussion.

The Python Paradox

In a recent talk I said something that upset a lot of people: that you could get smarter programmers to work on a Python project than you could to work on a Java project. I didn't mean by this that Java programmers are dumb. I meant that Python programmers are smart.

Crafting link underlines on Medium — Designing Medium — Medium

How hard could it be to draw a horizontal line on the screen? It seems wrangling a few pixels together to stand in a file would be something computers should be pretty good at anno domini twenty-fourteen.

The terrifying true story of the garbage that could kill the whole human race — Matter — Medium

The ship plows on with groaning sails, with a heave and a shove, like a fat man shouldering through a crowd. The motion is surprisingly stop-and-go, without ever really stopping, or quite going.

Even Gangsters — Sneeze — Medium

I live in West Oakland. Crime-ridden, poverty stricken, roll your windows up and hide your cell phone, West Oakland. Or so goes its reputation. People have been shot here. Pit bulls abound. All the cats in the park have yellow eyes.

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