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The microservices cargo cult

Microservices are awesome. We know this because of all the success stories that are circulating lately. The news is full of such stories, of people taking large, monolithic codebases, breaking them up, adding HTTP APIs and enjoying all the benefits.

Fusion Finds a Path Forward

After three decades of expensive government-funded research that has failed to produce tangible breakthroughs, nuclear fusion has gone from a promising source of effectively limitless power to something more like a punch line. In the past year, that has started to change, however.

Closing a door

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for a year now. It has never been the right time to post this. I have always been worried about the backlash.

The Stages of Fear

How many talks have I given over the years? How many times have I stood at the front of a room, on a stage or in front of a chalkboard or otherwise before an audience, and talked at them for an hour or so? Lanyrd says 72 as I write this, with two more coming this year.

Elektrische auto veel zwaarder belast dan diesel

De energie voor de elektrische auto wordt door de overheid veel zwaarder belast dan benzine, diesel of LPG. Bovendien is de belasting overal anders. Zo remmen we de elektrische auto en de nieuwe economie.

Firefox Is Much Better than Any Other Browser and Here's Why

We often read about comparative tests between browsers and we see that Google Chrome or Opera are extremely fast, or that some other browser gets really good scores in rendering, and so on.

Inside The GitHub Systems Where Open Source Lives

Sometimes the best way to cope with scale is to keep things simple and do everything you can to avoid it.

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