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Hacked Sony emails reveal that Sony had pirated books about hacking

Sony doesn't like pirates—except, perhaps, when Sony feels like pirating. Hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment emails, published in full on Thursday by WikiLeaks, reveal that Sony had pirated ebooks on its servers.

ABN Amro fiasco: een goed begin voor een essentieel debat

Het fiasco rond ABN Amro biedt een uitstekende gelegenheid om het debat over de toekomst van deze bank op een hoger plan te zetten. ‘Als we in de toekomst banken willen hebben die consumenten en het MKB blijven bedienen, dan moet er iets gebeuren.’

AEI - Norse: Subverting Cyber Security Research For Political Fear-Mongering

"I was recently invited to participate in a cyber security dinner discussion by a few members of a well-known Washington D.C. think tank. The idea was that we could enjoy a fine wine and a delicious meal while allowing our hosts to pick our brains about this “cyber warfare stuff.

Opinion: Security firm’s Iran report mostly hype

There is a growing habit of cybersecurity companies using international relations to grab news media headlines for marketing purposes. This has lasting impacts on the trust imparted to the security community while posing a threat to sensitive foreign policy efforts.

The Drug War Industrial Complex, Noam Chomsky interviewed by John Veit

HT: You've defined the War on Drugs as an instrument of population control. How does it accomplish that? CHOMSKY: Population control is actually a term I borrowed from the counterinsurgency literature of the Kennedy years.

After My Cable Massacre, I Punch For Net Neutrality

About a year ago, I had to exit from Network18. Almost a year before that, Ronnie Screwala sold his founder’s stake in UTV to Disney. Both of us had set up billion-dollar broadcast companies from scratch.

Android’s 10 Millisecond Problem: The Android Audio Path Latency Explainer

Even though music apps make up only 3% of all downloads in the iOS App Store, the Music app category is the 3rd highest revenue generating app category after Games and Social Networking.

Real-time full-text search with Luwak and Samza

This is an edited transcript of a talk given by Alan Woodward and Martin Kleppmann at FOSDEM 2015. Traditionally, search works like this: you have a large corpus of documents, and users write ad-hoc queries to find documents within that corpus.

One Company’s New Minimum Wage: $70,000 a Year

The idea began percolating, said Dan Price, the founder of Gravity Payments, after he read an article on happiness. It showed that, for people who earn less than about $70,000, extra money makes a big difference in their lives. His idea bubbled into reality on Monday afternoon, when Mr.

First implementation of Material Design

On February 10th I went back to Google with my teammates Edwin and Sean to attend another workshop and get more tips from the Material Design team. Rachel Been, Art Director at Google, was our mentor and shared with us a few core principles they use in Material Design..

Welcome to

Comment from E-mail:Reading through the letters section, I saw a reference to a secret service interrogation, but nowhere else on your site could I find a description of the incident. Would you mind relating it again (or giving me a pointer to where the story resides)

Why Google's Robot Personality Patent Is Not Good for Robotics

As of March 31, 2015, Google owns a shiny new patent (8,996,429) outlining a robot that changes personalities based on circumstance and a wide variety of user information. The system stores useful data in the cloud where it can be accessed by other robots.

Kinderen leren van spelen. Hoeveel speelgoed heeft een kind nodig?

Kinderen leren van spelen, speelgoed komt daarbij van pas. Maar hoeveel speelgoed hebben ze eigenlijk nodig? En hoe voorkom je dat kinderen erin omkomen? Enkele do’s en don’ts tegen uitpuilende kasten.

Metro Amsterdam naar Schiphol

Recente media-berichten wekken de indruk dat er nieuwe plannen zijn voor een oost-west metrolijn in Amsterdam, van IJburg via Osdorp naar Schiphol. In werkelijkheid zijn de plannen veel ouder. De eerste Amsterdamse metroplannen, nu al bijna 50 jaar oud, omvatten ook een lijn door Osdorp.

Watch the BBC debunk one of Russian media's most upsetting lies

In late March, Russian media widely reported that a 10-year-old child had been killed by Ukrainian government shelling in rebel-held Donetsk, Ukraine.

The Math Ceiling: Where’s your cognitive breaking point?

One afternoon, the head of my department caught me in the staff room and posed a musing question. So, do we have ceilings?

Mathematicians Chase Moonshine, String Theory Connections

In 1978, the mathematician John McKay noticed what seemed like an odd coincidence. He had been studying the different ways of representing the structure of a mysterious entity called the monster group, a gargantuan algebraic object that, mathematicians believed, captured a new kind of symmetry.

Did natural selection make the Dutch the tallest people on the planet?

AMSTERDAM—Insecure about your height? You may want to avoid this tiny country by the North Sea, whose population has gained an impressive 20 centimeters in the past 150 years and is now officially the tallest on the planet.

A Legendary Redesign of Helvetica, Reborn After 30 Years

Imagine if, due to some fluke in the development of projection technology, The Empire Strikes Back had only been shown in a couple of movie theaters.

Fall of the Designer Part I: Fashionable Nonsense — Eli Schiff

In June of 2001, on the release of the first guidelines for OS X Aqua icon design, Corey Marion of the Iconfactory and Alan Graham of Mac DevCenter were interviewed by O’Reilly. The interviewer recalled from WWDC: "Apple stressed the importance of building high quality icons for OS X...

Why Neovim is Better than Vim

I know Vim better than most. Vim was my first real text editor.[1] I used it for years. I helped write the Floobits plugin for Vim. I’ve delved into Vim’s source code to figure out its workings. I even helped write a patch (though it was rejected).

The Whitehouse’s New Executive Order On Cyber Crime is (Unfortunately) No Joke

On the morning of April 1st, the Whitehouse issued a new executive order (EO) that asserts that malicious “cyber-enabled activities” are a national threat, declares a national emergency, and establishes sanctions and other consequences for individuals and entities.

4 Shifty Details About Microsoft's "Open Source" .NET

Microsoft is publishing the source code to certain parts of .NET. The terms of distribution (the licence) is the combination of the MIT licence and a separate patent promise.

Markov Chain Monte Carlo Without all the Bullshit

I have a little secret: I don’t like the terminology, notation, and style of writing in statistics. I find it unnecessarily complicated. This shows up when trying to read about Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods.

Wie bezuinigt het best?

ANALYSE - De overheid probeert geld te besparen door de bijstand steeds strenger te maken. GroenLinks pleit daarentegen sinds kort juist voor een bijstand zonder verplichtingen. Wie bezuinigt het best? Een vergelijking.

Hoe het Europese biobrandstofbeleid grote schade aanricht

Het geraas van motorzagen reikt ver. ‘We zijn ingesloten door grote bedrijven die ons land ontginnen voor de uitbreiding van hun plantages’, vertelt Bapa Obek.

The REAL Death Of The Music Industry

Then on Tuesday, someone posted it on Flickr. Subsequently, Peter Kafka of Wall Street Journal's MediaMemo noticed it and passed it along to Jay Yarow, who made it Business Insider’s Chart of the Day on Wednesday, citing Kafka and the Flickr post.

13 Breathtaking Photos That Show Parents What Happens When You Slow Down

Pause. Take in the moment. Appreciate it. Rinse and repeat. Unfortunately, this isn't a realistic routine for many parents.

Back to Basics: Differentiating Personas

I work in Big Financial, which means the software that I use, design on, and design for, is generally Big Enterprise. I also work on the company intranet. The Biggest of Big Enterprise Web Design for intranets is, of course, SharePoint, so, well. Yeah.

Why I Don't Want to Have Coffee With You

Please … I don’t want to have coffee with you. I don’t mean to sound rude. I really, really appreciate that you’d like to get together. But I’m a small-business owner. My days are really busy, and I don’t have the time to just “have coffee.”

Wat de eerste 6 maanden als ondernemer mij gebracht hebben

Negen maanden geleden zei ik mijn baan op bij uitgever Sanoma en per 1 september 2014 begon ik voor mijzelf. Hoe is het me bevallen? Wat voor klussen doe ik allemaal en hoe kom ik eraan? Wat kan ik anderen voor tips geven? 10.

Waarom je Heineken lekkerder vindt dan Schultenbräu (terwijl er geen verschil is)

Karel Vuursteen, de topman van Heineken, heeft twee uur op de praatstoel gezeten. Trots heeft hij verteld over het heerlijk, heldere bier dat zijn unieke smaak ontleent aan de chemische verbinding die op 1 januari 1886 werd ontdekt door dr. H.

CERN researchers confirm existence of the Force

Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider just recently started testing the accelerator for running at the higher energy of 13 TeV, and already they have found new insights into the fundamental structure of the universe.

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