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[Youtube] French kids given old tech and asked what they think it is

"YouTube - Il était une fois... les technologies du passé."

Why GIMP is Inadequate

I love GIMP, but it needs some issues fixed before it is as good as we would like it to be (quality of editing etc)

A Localization Horror Story: It Could Happen To You

Localisation is harder than it appears on first sight

Personal data mining to improve your cognitive toolkit (Wired UK)

From the dawn of civilisation until 2003, Eric Schmidt is fond of saying, humankind generated five exabytes of data. Now we produce five exabytes every two days -- and the pace is accelerating. In our post-privacy world of pervasive social-media sharing, GPS tracking, cellphone-tower triangulation, wireless sensor monitoring, browser-cookie targeting, face-detecting, consumer-intention profiling, and endless other means by which our personal presence is logged in databases far beyond our reach, citizens are largely failing to benefit from the power of all this data to help them make smarter decisions.

Cracking The Credit Card Code

This is how the number on credit cards work. Interesting breakdown

[Dutch] Worldometers - Wereldstatistieken in real time bijgewerkt

Dazzling information about world-wide statistics, updating in real time

25 Magnificent Pictures of LIONS

Some awesome and heart-warming pictures of one of the greatest animals on this rock

Huis ten Bosch: Only Miffy can save us now (or, the tale of a huge Holland-themed park)

Sprawling as it does over 152 hectares (375 acres) of Omura Bay shoreline in the western Nagasaki Prefecture city of Sasebo, the park is more than three times the size of Tokyo Disneyland and still bigger than Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea combined, awing the resident-visitor of these cramped lands with its sheer scale. Add in the 250 holiday homes in the 50-hectare Wassenaar zone, named after a chic suburb of The Hague, and the entire development is roughly the size of the Principality of Monaco.

$2,899 hand-built PC has unique chassis

That's one awesome looking computer!

Cubicle wars: Best and worst office setups for tech workers

Interesting overview of ways to set up an office floor. Really hard to make people happy :)

Speed Up Firefox by Loading Tabs On-demand

I've been using BarTab for a while, but its functionality seems broken in Firefox 4b9. Instead, setting 'browser.sessionstore.max_concurrent_tabs' seems to do about the same :)

Personal data mining to improve your cognitive toolkit (Wired UK)

Slightly creepy, but interesting thoughts on mining the data and patterns of your life to make it better. Wonder whether that makes you loose entropy (unexpected things) though...

Making music in Linux and beyond

Interesting overview of the current state of music-making software on Linux

2021/ frontpage in 2021 ^_^

Cracking DVD encryption in Haiku format

Awesome and pretty long haiku telling how the DVD encryption can be cracked

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