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Funny computer error messages (from the unix world)

Great stuff from real OS'es and computers :)

The Creator of Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Due to the nature of the filming we had a casualty on the set. Sometimes Arnold would improvise weapons. Actually... we had a lot of casualties. All those bodies..."

Awesome movie!

Hello Kitty Safari

One great way of getting rid of that evil cat spawn [check the picture]

Braid (game)

This actually looks like I game I'd want to play: engaging puzzles, pretty graphics, no condescending (dumbed-down) user interface/help/tutorials. You have to figure it out on your own, and that seems to work pretty well, according to this review. Too bad it's currently only out for XBox live, but a PC version is planned.

Rsyncrypto - Rsync Friendly File Encryption

Interesting project for securely backing up your data, remotely

Visualizing books using Zemanta and Wordle

Creating nice word clouds, visualising texts in a really interesting way

Why Symbian Signed must die

With the latest S60 "3rd Edition" phones (such as the N95, N81 etc), Nokia in their infinite wisdom, has decided for us that we users don’t want to install "freeware" apps any more. These phones now require all apps to be "signed" - they don’t give the option to the user to install an unsigned app.

Which means you can't play with your own or other free software freely.

3 easy ways to do online surveys

If you want to survey a group of people, you might want to look at these suggestions

Internet Addiction Test (IAT)

How addicted are you?

32pts: You are an average on-line user. You may surf the Web a bit too long at times, but you have control over your usage.

I'm just never offline ;)

Weird Olympics picture

I've seen a lot of things at the Olympics already [happy women hockiers, swimsters, etc ;)], but this image is... just plain weird. WTF are they doing? :)

From Dell, a Uniquely Terrible Experience

Story about how to get rid of getting the Dell Home and Home Office catalog mailed to your mailbox

Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets [ThinkGeek]

Warp you taste buds and make sour things taste sweet. Interesting!

[YouTube] ooo6's Channel - lot's of Theremin music

Quite awesome what this guy does with that nifty musical instrument

[YouTube] Lenovo X300, no compromises

LOL @ usb hub etc for the MacBook Air

CoraZong Records

CoraZong is a labour of love for company-owners Bert de Ruiter and Evert Wilbrink. The label is best described as Music from the heart by people who care and is home to song-writers, blues-musicians and roots musicians in the broadest sense of these terms.

Cool, my hometown has its very own record label, and quite a famous one at that (at least in blues land).

How to get into a club by pretending you're a DJ

These Australian guys conducted an experiment and videotaped it: Can you beat the lines at a club and get in by wearing a record bag and pretending to be a DJ?

Ha, quite awesome

Former Seattle Police Chief on the high costs of the drug war

[...] the war on drugs, which he believes causes untold misery, undermines effective law enforcement, and doesn't begin to pass any sort of cost-benefit analysis.

Bibliography of Europe's largest, private collection of Science Fiction novels.

Heinz-Jürgen Ehrig, a German Science Fiction fan, has collected about 130.000 Science Fiction books, magazines, fanzines, etc. Since his death in 2003, his widow, the SciFi author Marianne Sydow has spend gazillions of hours cataloguing his collection and is now publishing the bibliographical data on a monthly basis in a paperback + CD outfit for a small fee. Unfortunately she finds it hard to get any subscribers, which is a shame really. It would be a shame if this project dies. More here - I think I'm the only one who brought this more or less to the attention of the "outside Germany" world.


Explore Our Planet

The Daily Satellite link for example is quite cool

Install a dummy package to satisfy dependencies on debian


Package: mta-dummy
Provides: mail-transport-agent

Rogues and Vagabonds: The 24 orders

Hookers or Anglers: thieves who stole clothing and other light articles by pulling them through an open window with a hooked stick

Hm, nowadays I get another mental picture when someone mentions `hookers'...

Boeing Advanced Tactical Lasers - Future Weapons From Boeing ATL

Ah, one to add to my "taking over the world" arsenal ;)

Free copyright license upheld Fed Circuit Court of Appeals

Creative Commons stood the test of court and passed. Nice.

Digitizing Rare Vinyl

Some guy digitising old music on vynil. He already has quite some of it online. He archives in .wav, but makes it available [for free] in 128KBit/s .mp3

Olympic Fail: Blue Screen of Death Strikes Bird's Nest During Opening Ceremonies Torch Lighting

That's what you get when using windows for something mission critical. Too bad I didn't see it live in the TV broadcast

Not Always Right

The sheer ignorance of consumers... Brilliant site with customer quotes

Mozilla Fennec on Maemo

Hm, I take MicroB for screen real estate over Fennec [mobile Firefox] any time. An update of it on my N810 with bug fixes and speed upgrades would be nice though...

Computer Beats Pro Go Player at U.S. Go Congress

That's quite impressive. I should dust off my Go board and find some other n00b to play against...

Man Held On Domestic Violence Charges For Spanking Adult Daughter Over $5000 Cellphone Bill

I might even go with option d) "all of the above"; why even pay her bills yet? Pay for your own phone, and if you manage to get such a bill still [despite knowing you're the one who's paying for it], a spanking may be in order :)

[YouTube] The Brighton Port Authority - Toe Jam (nsfw!)

Brilliant clip and track by Norman Cook (better known by his artist name Fatboy Slim) - creative censorship!

Using your browser URL history to estimate gender

Almost creepy what can be done automatically

Star Wars Gangsta Rap Special Edition

OMGWTFBBQ, this is the bomb. Beautifully animated too!

Beautiful pictures of the Large Hadron Collider

I wonder what they will discover and/or cause :)

When your name gets turned against you

This is how the doctor remembers it:
"We called their help line, and got a wonderful young man in the Philippines who told us:
" 'We can't install it because your name has - in it.' "
I asked the doctor how I was going to print that. He said, "Just say it's a word contained in Libshitz."

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