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Calling All Linux Experts

Guy needs help with his application for a Linux job. Be sure to read ptinsley's comment on page 2

OS X porn

Someone's been creative with a man page

3 water baloons shot

Nice picture

Collection of Funniest & Hilarious Exam Answers

I love the one with the huge root and integrals

Exclusive: Inside the Lego Factory

This video shows something that very few people have had the opportunity to witness: the inside of the Lego factory, with no barriers or secrets.


[Dutch] Leuk is niet leuk

About the luke-warm word 'leuk' [maybe similar to 'fun'; 'sounds... fun..!']

Valve - Survey Summary Data

Quite a nice overview of machines people use for Steam

The Language Barrier

"Fingering the nothingness that underlies everything." -- How a Japanese technical manual referred to a "pointer to void."

Photoshop Contests - Starwars theme

Wow, that's really good quality stuff

[Dutch] Klanten klagen niet

Klanten Klagen Niet
Zij vertellen het DOOR
aan hun leveranciers
adviseurs, directie
chefs, kinderen
vrienden, het

Mint crystals in Istanbul

Now only to have a sauna, and we can relax :)

MoD admits loss of secret files

With more than 650 laptops stolen, 89 lost and 121 lost USB memory sticks, do you still trust you government with confidential stuff? [This is the UK one]

When medical-device equipment gets sick

You may never think of hospitals quite the same way again, but it turns out that quite a lot of patient-care medical equipment sold these days is based on Windows. And this Windows-based equipment, whether it be cancer-care, EKG or ultrasound machines, is prone to getting hit by computer worms and viruses like any other Microsoft-based machine sitting on a corporate LAN.


Synchronise your Firefox bookmarks across various computers. Works really well, even has categories so you can separate work from home for example

Defending the Electronic Frontier

Nice steampunk 8.5x11 print to benefit the EFF

How Do You Reclaim Your Time and Attention?

Hm, I already don't make my bed [just fold the sheets at the foot end and crawl under it again when going to bed]. Now to get more productive in the rest of the time :)

Email Etiquette for Mobile Phones?

Well, not sending MS Office documents for starters. Oh, that's email etiquette in general :) Ah, and snipping unnecessary parts from a reply, not using HTML mail etc

Mirror: 10 things I've overheard about my Linux laptop while on public transportation

Don't turn your computer on Bill - that guy can look into it! (two business men).

Yeah, I'm surrounded by yuppies, kids, drones and two guys using Linux. (Someone on a cell phone).

Running for president XKCD style

It seems he's even serious

Beautiful Word Clouds

Those look really nice indeed; makes summarising a [large] text quite interesting

Linus Torvalds on glorification of security people

Security people are often the black-and-white kind of people that I can't stand. I think the OpenBSD crowd is a bunch of masturbating monkeys, in that they make such a big deal about concentrating on security to the point where they pretty much admit that nothing else matters to them.


Edit the properties of any MSI. Change the title, and text within the installer. Look at how and where the files are delivered. Enables you to right click any MSI and open with Orca.

Nice for when you want to prevent some .msi from doing stupid stuff or whatever.

Chair Design Fail

What was the designer smoking?

A Pedophile Lurking Behind Every Dark Corner

When parents go *too* far. What happens to their common sense..?

Snacks that heal what ails you

That's some nice life hacking

Keep your elbows in to reduce camera shake

Comments include useful info too

Multiple SSID's / VLAN's on DD-WRT

Nice tutorial, will likely use it to put a network online with the safe wpa2 and one with wep for old gadgets

Top Ten Worst Uses for Windows

From showing a static green arrow to an elevator controlling system with a web interface available for the whole internet

Anti-terrorist drill in Shangdong

Looks creepy, those guys in Segways

Don't Buy Ups Without Warranty

Hm, missing the U and other important parts. Puts the brick in 'bricked' ;)

Google's Protocol buffers

Might be of interest for your project's RPC calls, distributed data storages and such

Handwritten Typographers

Various [famous] typographers and their handwriting

Dina Programming Font

Dina is a monospace bitmap font, primarily aimed at programmers. It is relatively compact to allow a lot of code on screen, while (hopefully) clear enough to remain readable even at high resolutions.

Maemo: changing default system fonts

Because DejaVu fonts are quite nice and complete

The Wetware Crisis: the Thermocline of Truth

In many large or even medium-sized IT projects, there exists a thermocline of truth, a line drawn across the organizational chart that represents a barrier to accurate information regarding the project’s progress. Those below this level tend to know how well the project is actually going; those above it tend to have a more optimistic (if unrealistic) view.

'Oldest' computer music unveiled

Interesting article on ancient computer music

How to be an instant Web me-2.0 developer

Web 1.1: No visible difference from Web 1.0, apart from IE showing the text 'Javascript error' in its status bar.

[Dutch] Energie uit het niets

Hydrino's, weird stuff. Hoax or breakthrough?

"Better" Firefox Extension Updates Now Available

Addons the mod Gmail, Flickr, Google Reader etc to work better

Longest (English) word

Yes, that's a word of 189819 characters.

Thank you, Adobe Reader 9!

It's bigger! It's better! It's now half as fast as Foxit reader!

A Case in Communism: The Super Mario Story

Disclaimer: I'm a Mario fan [Hm, does that make me a commie? :P ]

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