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GUIdebook - Screenshots of lots of GUI's

Ranging from AmigaOS to windows (AmigaOS looks a lot better than early versions of windows btw)

[Dutch] Hoe dwing je al als gezagdrager respect af?

How to have other respect your authority. Some great tips.


Site putting mug shots of thugs online trying to catch some of them by making their image public

Tact Filters in normal people and nerds

Hmm, there's some truth in there. Delightful little essay.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving With CNC Robotics

At least you can create some damn creepy ones with this tech

Programmers Need To Learn Statistics Or I Will Kill Them All


Knowing your statistics is important though, as otherwise they only turn into the superlative of Damn Lies

One Annoyed Paranoid

Heh, you can be *too* paranoid ;)

Hands on: Zenbe's social, collaborative e-mail works well

Interesting software; I've been thinking about integrating mail, calendaring, contacts, files, todo etc. for a long while, and finally some decent solutions are starting to pop up.

Fewer Than 1% Arrested From TSA's

So far for terrorising your own people for nothing. Kudos.

irssi-rss, the rss feeder for irssi

I already use the really usable Google Reader (which is nicer to read comics in anyway), but this irssi script looks quite usable!

[Dutch] Alleen de naam is fout van Hyves

I don't get the `friend'-inflation people practice on such sites, but it's of course an interesting phenomenon expanding your network of acquaintances that way. The whole Hyves site is awefully engineered though :)

[Dutch] Ongekende afname spam na sluiting McColo

Ah, I already wondered how it was possible I only got 87 spam emails yesterday instead of the regular 400-500.

Nice photo's: The next President of the United States

There are some really nice pics in there; also fun to see how those pics are made, like in this one.

Racism, Sexism, and now Prop 8

Great post, worded nicely

The Laptop Celebrates 40 Years

Kay's vision, which he dubbed the "Dynabook," was for a 2-pound, 1-Mpixel color computing device.

"...the Dynabook was never built. But it greatly inspired the devices we now call laptops, although it's taken four decades to slim the tech down to the point where usable computers actually weigh as little as two pounds. To honor his achievements, Mountain View's Computer History Museum on Wednesday will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legendary Dynabook. [Quoting Kay:] 'The Amazon Kindle is kind of a subset of a Dynabook — too much of a subset. The screen is too small, it is not very capable of dynamics, the keyboard is poor, etc. But it does have several limited service ideas that are good. The next version of a Kindle could be really exciting.'"

There are some interesting thoughts on interfaces in the article. Current devices and applications like web browsers could be improved a lot in terms of integration and workflow.

Star Trek as the Love Boat...

Heh, scary but pretty funny :)

Reading Shouldn't Require an Interface

Fullscreen fbreader in portrait mode with black background and white font works great for me; just the reading interface, music might be played completely in te background and the +/- buttons are perfectly placed for page up/down. Automatic scrolling is an option too of course, but I don't like that much.

Water with Whisky? Whether or not to Dilute your Favourite Dram

Hm, interesting. Of course it's dependent of your tastes, but some whisky's shouldn't be watered obviously.

Underwear as outwear

BBC article on how people nowadays show off their (expensive) underwear in daily life. This isn't sign of an indecent era, but of a show-off of luxury, which similarly happened in the 16th century. Interesting read.

Recursively chmod directories only

And/or files only. Simple solution. For future reference

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