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How to make money with free software...

And it's a darn good looking coin at boot. How to make our queen look cool and apply some internet information on Dutch architects, rolling it up in a coin.

Steampunk and the Macabre

Neat objects and images. Very moody.

Fonts Imitating Life: Four Well-Written Celebrities

That's some awesome art, done with typography (fonts and such :)

Bound By Law: the "Understanding Comics" of copyright, in a new edition

A comic trying to make this odd concept a bit understandable

The Titanium Photochromatic Variable-Aperture Spectacles

Those are... damn awesome! Be sure to click the link to the full article with more pics.

VOTD: If All Movies Had Cell Phones

Ghehe, I always get that feeling when watching an old-ish movie in which a cellphone would have really made a difference

Philips Designs the 'Light Blossom,' an Intelligent Street Light Concept

Add in a low-power wifi mesh network and this could be a pretty rad new way of lighting our streets

PSPP brings an industry standard statistical tool to Linux

It's an open-source clone of the well-known SPSS statistical tool. Be sure to skim the comments too: there are some interesting remarks on other tools and comparisons

Blazer tricks and tips

For those of you with a Palm device and using the Blazer web browser, be sure to check out this list to speed up browsing with that application

Anatomii of a Hack

Nice write-up about homebrew on the Wii, and why pirating doesn't have to do all that much with it

In Defense of Piracy

Digital technology has made it easy to create new works from existing art, but copyright law has yet to catch up.

There's a lot to say for fair use of material in mash-ups, new works, as inspiration for completely different material and such. Why stiffle innovation and creativity with stupid copyright laws?

At Indian Call Centers, Another View of U.S.

Indian callcenters dealing with US debtors

[Dutch] Veel Europese banken groter dan lokaal BNP

Many European banks are larger than the Gross National Product of the country they are located

Browse the Artifacts of Geek History in Jay Walker's Library

Unbelievably cool. And beautiful to boot.

Django Pluggables - Find reusable applications for your Django project, quickly and easily!

Neat. Could quick-start me into finally doing something serious with Django

The missing five-minute Linux manual for morons

Of course there is an alternative; a popular computing platform whose design attracts universal admiration. But although we all look forward to literally punching in the numbers, the Wii does not yet quite hack it (use of a dread phrase coming up) 'in the enterprise'.

How to Write awesome headlines (so people read your stuff)

Some great points to keep in mind when writing an article

Vint Cerf Says It's Every Machine For Itself

People shouting for ISP's to protect their pc's against spam, virusses and spyware should look at how they protect their property. It's them that expose themselves to a possibly not so friendly world. Better be prepared (and use some decent protection, or decent operating system for that matter).

Microsoft programming contest hacked, defaced

Microsoft followed their annual major Tech-Ed event in Australia with a week-long programming contest called "DevSta," to find "star developers." While the quantity and quality of submissions suggest a poor turnout it certainly caught the attention of at least two hackers who left their mark.

With "hackers" stretching the term; it's just a bunch of defacers. Quite funny though :) Interesting that the whole event resulted in a big jawn ("It looks like I wasnt the only one short on a great idea. The entries so far include not one, but two, calculators. Yawn. Another implements a secure recycle bin but Im not so sure that really fits in with the competition theme. Others provide an old fashioned green screen terminal client interface for Twitter plus implementations of Pong and Missile Command."). Oh well, at least they got some publicity on Slashdot.

Clearlooks Wise Dark

Nice dark GTK (and Metacity) theme; I'm using it myself currently and I love it (also on my xfce4 laptop).

Hackers Clone Elvis' Passport

Like I said a long while ago, the Dutch passport (and similar implementations) are hacked before they've become useful (or even mainstream). Now it's even open source.

That darned road

Someone else that also feels life goes by so damn fast. My studies have been almost-done for a year also. Oh well, it's getting there :)

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