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USB On-The-Go with Nokia N810

Hm, I guess I'll have some soldering to do Unable to climax inside a vagina

WTF? Check both the original story linked, and the comments on the Reddit page

[Dutch] ClevyClear toetsenbord

First part of my child-proof pc found ;) [Nice and coloury keyboard, which is sturdy to boost]

Juggling oranges [dive into mark]

About converting your data between the various platforms you use and the use of open standards, like mbox for storing e-mail. Thankfully, I'm using imap(s) for my mail, which is stored as mbox'es on my server, so I'm e-mail client agnostic. Mark has some good points, like 2.0 on the Mac 'helpfully' converting his mbox-based archive to some proprietary emlx-based one, which should bite Spotlight less. *sigh*

Open File Format for Raster/Bitmaps Graphics

Soooo, the XCF format was deliberately undocumented by GIMP, a proprietary format despite being open source. Hmmm

When the bough breaks [dive into mark]

Apple makes some nice stuff, but Mark Pilgrim has some good points on how not everything is as sunny as you might think. He switched away from it and converted some of his family. He's now running Debian sid btw :)

Using an iPod was frustrating. Seriously. OK, the first one was DOA, but my father returned it to the Apple Store without incident. But because he didnt have a music collection, he relied on me to fill his iPod with new music every so often. The first time he went to recharge it, he plugged it into his Mac and iTunes helpfully wiped it and refilled it with the few songs that were in his iTunes library. Of course he didnt realize what had actually happened until he went to the gym the next day and had virtually no music (and certainly no good exercise music). His next thought was that I should refill it, and then he would just copy the music from the iPod to his iTunes library. This led to a long discussion of why iTunes wouldnt let you do that, and how this was technically different from me letting him borrow one of my CDs, and how if he really wanted to do that there were utilities but not from Apple, and so on and so forth. So yeah, my parents switched to Linux because among other reasons it was easier to use with their iPod. Thats how badly Apple has lost the plot.

Are Humans Evolving Faster, Becoming More Different?

Really interesting article.

Researchers discovered genetic evidence that human evolution is speeding up and has not halted or proceeded at a constant rate, as had been thought indicating that humans on different continents are becoming increasingly different.

Unshaking and refocusing your photos

Some photo editing tricks

Linguistic Incompetence at the FCC

Wow, those organisations really try everything to convince the world the US is prude/dump/fill-in-whatever. I really feel sorry for the normal Americans :/

IOCCC Flight Simulator

The IOCCC Flight Simulator was the winning entry in the 1998 International Obfuscated C Code Contest. It is a flight simulator in under 2 kilobytes of code, complete with relatively accurate 6-degree-of-freedom dynamics, loadable wireframe scenery, and a small instrument panel.

Skype and the Bavarian trojan in the middle - Wikileaks

Or, `Bavarian police intending to spy on Skype and ssl traffic'; on demand [during investigations] installing of the software on the subject's pc [should run windows with Internet Explorer or Firefox]. Look at the cost of installation and per-subject installation. Am I under suspicion now because I run Linux? :)

Commentary: ISO should kick OOXML off the standards bus

Office 2007's implementation will likely not even be compatible with the final version

Windows Vista Incapable Stickers

Hm, putting a sticker on my laptop would be a shame [it's neatly sticker-less], but a Debian one could be interesting...

pornophonique - 8-bit lagerfeuer [from Jamendo]

Not your default blipblop album. Really catchy :)

What Gmail feature do you want the most?

Hm, what's up with people basing their business on a webmail service like gmail? Is it the safeness of having it in the Cloud? [backups etc.] I can imagine the filters, labels etc of gmail are handy, but if I'm running a business, I'd rather have a decent imaps server myself...

That to This - on writing

Some good tips for improving your writing

Five whys - Joel on Software

Get to the root cause of your problem, fix that and step in a process of continuous improvement. Fog Creek even set up a weblog where their customers and their own people can follow the process of problem triage and have a post-mortem when done - Japanese anime about some bunnies

... in a prison. Quite WTF, quite funny :)

Dog lead goths 'hounded off bus'

Odd story. Scared bus driver. Nice pet

Saving in OOXML Format Now Probably A Bad Idea

Much drama is unfolding prior to the OOXML Ballot Resolution Meeting in Geneva, currently schedule for the end of February. After that there's a subsequent 30 day period while countries can still change their vote. As a result, Bob Sutor is recommending that saving your documents in OOXML format right now is probably about the riskiest thing you can do, if you are concerned with long term interoperability. At this point nobody has the vaguest idea what OOXML will look like in February, or even whether it will be in any sort of stable condition by the end of March.

On IE8's yet another rendering mode

Links to two articles that are a must read. The first is from the microsoft IE8 team about their latest Quirkmode, with comments that should come as a cold shower to the authors of that engine. The second is about microsoft going to miss the boat if they keep breaking the web. Good stuff

Mathematics of waiting for the bus

Also true for tram and metro, I can tell you

Satanic messages in the computer era

This guy heard a ZX Spectrum program in a song, captured it and ran it.

What is sadder?
a. Finding this
b. Writing it


But she's a girl on W.A.F. [an issue lots of men run into]:

wife acceptance factor n. In an object, especially an electronic device, that normally appeals only to men, the qualities or features added to or modified in the object to make it acceptable to women.


W.A.F. (or the mis-perception of it) is probably responsible for all those gadget manufacturers who think that if they make their gadget pink (or cover it with diamanté), 90% of the female population will be falling over themselves to buy it. They are wrong. Instead, I suspect that the majority of W.A.F. related conflicts arise because women who are not interested in hi-fi don't want their husbands spending half of their income on ruinously expensive stuff (and what the stuff is hardly matters in that context), or their living room to be filled with large lumps of metal and cables.

The problem is that I like those machines...

Deserted Japanese island photo gallery

Off the westernmost coast of Japan, is an island called "Gunkanjima" that is hardly known even to the Japanese. Long ago, the island was nothing more than a small reef. Then in 1810, the chance discovery of coal drastically changed the fate of this reef. As reclamation began, people came to live here, and through coal mining the reef started to expand continuously. Before long, the reef had grown into an artificial island of one kilometer (three quarters of a mile) in perimeter, with a population of 5300. Eventually, the mines faced an end, and in 1974 the world's once most densely populated island become totally deserted. The island, after all its inhabitants departed leaving behind their belongings, became an empty shell of a city where all its people disappeared overnight, as if by some mysterious act of God.

[direct link to the gallery | Wikipedia article on Hashima Island | sort-of related gallery with an abandoned book depository in Detroit]


Corporate Email Etiquette - Dead or Alive?

So many people ruining the flow of an email conversation/thread by replying wrongly or breaking the threading [microsoft-made email software tends to do the latter]. Is it so much work to remove old cruft from the email, and *not* to top-post? When you reply to various pieces of the email, you're not likely to forget something also. And remove all those `from: ', `to: ' etc things from the email body... And, while I'm at it: I'm not interested in a broadcasted email discussion [e.g., a To: mail] about some trivial subject, on which everyone replying does so with the Reply-All button.


Receipts [dive into mark]

More on administration [this one a way of organising the paper part of it; also see the comments]

Fucking Fucker guitar amp

Fucking brilliant

Science fiction writers implicated in vast A-bomb conspiracy, 1944: the Cleve Cartmill affair - Boing Boing

In a two-part column in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Robert Silverberg tells the incredible story of the Cleve Cartmill affair: in 1944, John W Campbell published a story by the writer Cleve Cartmill that laid out an eerily accurate depiction of how the atom bomb would work, prompting a panicked -- and sometimes comical -- intelligence investigation into a putative conspiracy of science fiction writers:-

[Dutch] Hoe je administratie te digitaliseren?

Interesting solutions; it might be beneficial to digitise our administration [incoming letters, bills etc] and organise them with some web-based solution. *adds todo/to-think-about item*

The Davos Question

What one thing do you think that countries, companies or individuals must do to make the world a better place in 2008?

Battlefield Heroes

  • Battlefield Heroes™ is a brand new Play 4 Free™ game from the people that brought you the multi-million selling Battlefield 1942™ and Battlefield 2™
  • It's a fun cartoon-style shooter which caters to players of all skill levels – easy to pick up and play, but with deep character development
  • It will be released for the PC as a free download in Summer 2008

Three tips to protect your WordPress installation

Some simple tips to make your WordPress installation a bit more secure

Wine Application Database

Here you can get information on application compatibility with Wine.

Looks like Wine works awesome nowadays

Battle Chess Download

Classic! Yeah, that's that old DOS chess game with the Queen bashing in the Tower's head and such!

IE NetRenderer - Online Browser Compatibility Check

For those of you who do not have ie4linux installed

Howto Install Windows XP / Vista on Xen

FYI ;) [I stick with *nix machines]

A way to remotely backup / svnadmin dump an SVN repository

Neat way of getting a complete copy of a remote svn repository, for which you don't have shell access

LatencyTop, Identifying System Latency

Hm, great tool for doing profiling and tweaking the system to reduce latency [which makes processes all jittery]

DNS for Rocket Scientists

This Open Source Guide is about DNS and (mostly) BIND 9.x on Linux (Fedora Core), BSD's (FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD) and Windows (Win 2K, XP, Server 2003). It is meant for newbies, Rocket Scientist wannabees and anyone in between.

So, if you want to keep your sanity, check this first before attempting to do some voodoo ;)

Backscatterer - or why you shouldn't send `rejected' mails

Backscatterer - Why it is abusive and how to stop your system doing so

Email servers should be configured to provide Non-Delivery Reports (bounces) to local users only. Unacceptable email from anywhere else should be rejected.

xfce4 - recommended apps

List of fast and small programs to go with your lean and mean desktop machine

Monty Python REST joke

HACKER: Look, you stupid &^%$# You've got no arguments left.



SEMANTIC KNIGHT: Just a flesh wound.

HACKER: Look, stop that.

SEMANTIC KNIGHT: You won't be able to get machine-machine services without an ontology to formally describe all the relationships!

DreamHost Blog - Um, Whoops.

About a major fuckup from DreamHost; interesting story

Student syndrome

[...] the phenomenon that many people will start to fully apply themselves to a task just in the wake of a deadline. This leads to wasting any buffers built into individual task duration estimates.

The student syndrome is a form of procrastination, but with more of a plan with good intention. For example, if a student or group of students goes to a professor and asks for an extension to a deadline they will usually defend their request by noting how much better their project will be given more time to work on it; they request this with all the right intentions. In reality most students will have other tasks or events place a demand on the time they fully intended to commit to improving their paper or project. In the end they will often end up close to the same situation they started with wishing they had more time as the new delayed deadline approaches.

Ah, so it's not just me :) [Or did they write an article about me?]

Kitty Wigs! The Wigs

Riiight, wigs for cats...

KDE 5.0 Available

A new panel has been developed which features buttons, clickable elements, tactile areas, hotspots, user-responsive icons, and buttons all which completely revolutionize the way clicking around to find applications is done. It's a totally new paradigm, and we have the youtube videos with the enthusiastic narrative to establish reasonable claim to the re-invention of the clickable button.

The KDE artwork team has spent literally hours on enhancing the visual appeal of KDE 5; new and exciting shades of blue have been blended ever more seductively into slightly different shades of blue which the artwork team insists has a different name and completely different visual impact.

Sums it about up for the KDE environment, of which version 4 released a few days ago.

xkcd - ROBOT9000 and #xkcd-signal: Attacking Noise in Chat

An irc bot that ensure no sentence is said twice to keep chats interesting. Really nice idea, and it seems to work well

I am right and the entire Industry is wrong

We don't need another framing lunatic on the web...

Mobile phone projectors "will launch this year"

Hm, and they look quite decent too; VGA resolution, projecting a 50 inch image. Interesting :)

Triplet Belly (The Shape of a Mother)

Ouch! Makes a man glad he isn't a woman. Or something. My sympathy is with all those women out there :)

Windows Mobile 7 To Focus On Touch and Motion Gestures

Well, it looks like they finally will be doing some serious upgrades to the interface of their mobile operating system. Welcome in the 21nd century, winmob ;) Now if they iron out all the underlying windows weirdities, it might even come close to a nice phone GUI like UIQ3 on Symbian ;)

Pop-up images on inline links

Nice way to show a picture with a link, or a bigger version of the picture you are showing a thumbnail from

1,025 things Mr. Welch can no longer do during an RPG

"494. I will not use a time machine to invade Germany on September 2, 1939 by surprise, securing Dutch domination of Europe."

Why I Hate "Modern" IM

John makes some really good points here about the current state of Instant Messaging. Why can't we just use plain text [or simple formatting; bold, italics etc] and some simple emoticons? I don't care about all the fancy colours, custom emoticons and all that crap [thankfully, pidgin can disable all of those]. Especially MSN is really crappy...

Could You Explain Programming Please - The Daily WTF

It's interesting how ignorant people can be

The City of the Future

Those predictions are always fun

Hand-Drawing Style In Modern Web Design

Some really interesting web designs, using hand-drawing, written text, interesting interactivity etc.

jquery.pngFix.js - PNG transparency for Windows IE 5.5 & 6

Simple javascript solution to fix transparency troubles in our beloved internet exploder

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