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GPS Tags

Add GPS location info to your photo's

A simple preprocessor for CSS files

It would already help a lot when CSS supported variables or constants...

You Have No Right to Remain Silent

Anyone who has ever watched a cop show knows that you have a right to remain silent in response to police questioning, and that if you knowingly waive that right, "anything you say can be used against you in a court of law." The Miranda warnings, named after the 1966 Supreme Court case that gave rise to them, are deeply embedded in both legal and popular culture.

Given the warnings' established place in police procedures, TV cops and real-life police officers might be surprised to learn that the first Miranda right is not a right at all, at least according to the government.

Slightly disturbing food for thought

The biggest open subtitles database

Always nice when you're lazy and want some subtitles with your series instead of having to decipher some weird accent

Online library reaches million book milestone

It's far from the accessibility the Gutenberg project achieves [this site is riddled with javascript and tiffs], but it's something

Setup CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) Server and Client in Debian

Not that I ever print anything at home, but good to have in my bookmarks collection

[Dutch] De lezerspost: van seksposters tot Bill Klinten

Holy crap, working for that Dutch news site demands some serious reading skills/laughing-control skill :)

Pebbles Project

The Pebbles project is exploring how handheld devices, such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) including devices running PalmOS or Pocket PCs, and mobile phones, can be used when they are communicating with a "regular" personal computer (PC), with other handhelds, and with computerized appliances such as telephones, radios, microwave ovens, automobiles, and factory equipment.

Some mobile websites

Useful on your internet capable cellphone or pda

ABC Amber LIT Convertor, convert MS Reader to PDF, HTML, CHM, HLP, RTF, DOC, TXT documents

It's a windows program, but using wine to free yourself from the proprietary .lit ebook format is worth something ;)

Shut Up I Hack You

Still a classic

An alternative version, enhanced by Novell [lots of Linux distributions already use this one instead of the official version from, with the purpose of including new features and fixes that do not get easily integrated in the OOo-build up-stream core. The new features are shared with Novell's edition of OOo and include:

  • VBA macros support.
  • Faster start up time.
  • "A linear optimization solver to optimize a cell value based on arbitrary constraints built into Calc".
  • Multimedia content supports into documents, using the gstreamer multimedia framework.
  • Support for Microsoft Works formats, WordPerfect graphics (WPG format) and T602 files imports.



The people formerly known as the audience

Science cafés

A café to talk science in; nice :) None in Europe yet though, according to their map


Hm, maybe we should celebrate Festivus instead of those really commercial holidays...

Rodolphe Simeon: The M-People

The M-People serie is about people living behind a Mask or Makeup.

Portraits of odd characters

dSLR lens porno!

Canon EF 1200mm f/5.6 Photo Gallery by Robert; some pics of a huge-tastic 1200mm lens, with some nice Asian ladies [and some more useful implementations]

Also, check this 500mm lens, which is already gigantic, as you can see in the pic with the girl :)

xkcdb: the xkcd quote database: Top 150

Highlights from the xkcd IRC channel. Brilliant

Watch TV Online - Channel Chooser

Also check the comments for other sites to watch TV online

User Experience Of The Future

Really neat stuff, like real and very large full-colour holograms [Cheoptics360], the reactable and other neat interfaces. The multitouch I already saw over a year ago, but it's still amazing

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