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The Brick Testament - Bible in Lego

Vrije Universiteit - Minix lab | June 11, 14:36

Some people have too much time ;)

APOD: 2007 June 3 - Shuttle Plume Shadow Points to Moon

Really nice picture of the shadow of Atlantis' take-off smoke pointing towards the full moon.

Living in the Presence

Being networked makes for nice possibilities in being connected and how things can be hooked up to each other

[Process-one] Introducing FlexArch

Interesting article about the distributed architecture behind ejabberd, a nice Jabber daemon, intended to be used by lots of clients

HiRISE | High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment

Really high resolution Mars pictures! As the Slashdot article about it says:

The team that runs the high-rez camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has just released more than 1,200 Mars images to the Planetary Data System, NASA's mission data archive. The team has also released 1.7 Terabytes of data to a user-friendly site that allows users to quickly home in on each image, most of which are a gigabyte-sized files measuring 20,000 by 50,000 pixels. Not all the images have been thoroughly studied yet: in the announcement, the camera's lead scientist said, 'These images must contain hundreds of important discoveries about Mars. We just need time to realize what they are.'

So, maybe you can find interesting stuff even NASA didn't see yet :)

Pixel image editor - Cheap Photoshop alternative

Interesting piece of software, running on quite a bunch of different platforms. You can even buy it through some Dutch shop

Something is ___ in Denmark

Bwhahaha :)

And to think lots of people have difficulties with English ;)

Ubuntu Untrusted Repository

Don't just trust a random repository; let alone a whole list of them!

Interoperability by Design

About the "great" ODF plugin for Microsoft Office 2007; it doesn't even enable you to use ODF files, but only import/export them. When you create a new file and want to save it as ODF, you even need to save it to a temporary .doc or whatever first...

An Antic Disposition: So where are all the OOXML documents?

Google has a nice feature that allows you to search for documents that match a given file type. This is done by adding "filetype:NNN" to your query, where NNN corresponds to the file type. This feature has supported the ODF and OOXML document formats for at least two months, when I first noticed it. I've been tracking some numbers since then and now have enough data to make some observations.

So with all this evident love for Microsoft Office 2007, why is it that 6-months later there are only 63 OOXML spreadsheet documents on the web, something like 0.3% of the number of ODF spreadsheet documents? How can there be 300 companies supporting OOXML and only have 69 OOXML presentations on the web?


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