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The Unsung Security Hole

"Surrounding the Thunderbird 1.0 release, many media outlets said that there seemed little reason to switch to Thunderbird given the lack of a security threat like there has been affecting IE this year. This analysis unfortunately shows a lack of appreciation of the type of problems affecting the Internet today."

Why are drugs bad? [Or why you shouldn't watch tv too much]

Interesting point made by The Man from Scandinavia. He's right about drugs--alcohol, real drugs, tv--killing creativity. If you're bored, drugs give instant gratification. If you try to do something new, it's really way more rewarding.

Dry, deadly quicksand

Hm, gotta look out next summer in the Dunes

Why false security is bad

And that's applicable to online computers too

Video store agreement claims your soul

Or, Why you always need to read the fine print

AdSense word advertisements gone awry

When the algorythms go bad, weird things happen [two pieces about the various sponsored links showing, well, scary things for sale]

Firefox Inline Autocomplete

Inline auto-complete in your Firefox address bar.

Bringing home the tree

Hmm, maybe I need to get a house of my own first.

Robert Love: Project Utopia

Some information about this nice project Making Hardware Just Work(tm)

Patent Busting Project

g1powermac found some nice poster by the Electronic Freedom Foundation from their Patent Busting Campaign against overzealously patenting companies and their struggle to fight hobbyists making their products more open.

ALT attribute (ALT tag, ALT tooltip)

Sooo people, when are you finally going to stop using alt as a tooltip? [Title is a much better candidate ;)]

Google suggest raising the bars

I think Joel is right when he notes Google Suggest isn't necessary an innovation in searching, but in web-GUI design in general. No roundtrips to the server and completely reloaded pages only to sort on a different column for example.

Nederlandse Thunderbird

The Dutch edition of Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 has been released. More happy souls ensue.

Manuzhai about Python tools

I've been wanting to learn Python for some time now [have been reading an intermediate version of Dive into Python], but never came around to actually do something in it. With this weblog nearing completion [yeah right], I might turn to the site to rewrite it in Python. It surely needs some loving.

Clientcopia : Stupid Client Quotes...

As the site describes itself:

There's no getting around it. At some point in your career, your patience will be tested with a stupid client who is so clueless that you'll question your sanity, career choice, and the future of mankind.

So, baffling situations which can be hilarious until you run into it yourself.

Skype answering machine

Making Skype even more useful!

Joel on Google Suggest

Read the link to the Slashdot article too, it explains some things.

Different work attitudes

Joel talks about some concepts in Hebrew, which can be applied to way of thinking and acting in [software] development [and the Navy]. The translation provided in the linked post is quite interesting.

Cellphone audio convergence

I don't know what Samsung is thinking, but I'd like to keep my audio/video devices and cellphone seperated, thank you.

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design

Some good points to keep in mind. I've found myself having bannerblindness in the real world too: just skipping too large screaming content and then be left bewildered only to find out the thing I skipped actually had some clues in it. Please don't design that way :)

Malware Community

I'm glad I'm working on an up-to-date GNU/Linux machine, but this is serieus. Imagine dozens of millions windows-zombie-machines poluting the web by sending billions of spam messages through their always-on lines. *shiver*

"Shut up already!"

For all those of you annoyed by stupid cellphone conversations; just hand them out!

Future Version of the Palm OS to be Based on Linux

Soooo, what happened to BeOS and PalmOS version 6 based on that lean piece of software?

Sleep more, lose weight?

I knew it! Another good reason to throw away my Sundays. Ow wait, I don't even need to loose weight...

Firefox 1.0 nl-NL

GF's place | December 05, 14:11

Now I can convince even more people to ditch that blue E

Search your gmail in Firefox

GF's place | December 05, 14:04

And another useful search engine in my Firefox search box!

Best Go Resources for a Beginner?

GF's place | December 05, 13:54

As I've planned to play this game for a while [like for, 6 years or something], this Slashdot post is a useful source of sources to learn the game. Now I can finally dust off that Go board I've lying around. Somewhere.

Really, really personal customer service

I'm glad to hear personal customer care can even be a selling point. Now if only some companies learned about the point he's making...

Animation: My Neighbor's Wife

Poetry in Flash. Quite nice

Blog defined

Meriam-Webster declared yesterday that based on lookups in their online dictionary, the "#1 Word of the Year for 2004" is (drumroll and eyeroll)... "blog."

Math of Christmas Carols

I've always thought you could do this. Christmas music always has the same ring; that it can be generated is only logical :)

New Netscape = Firefox / IE shotgun wedding?

Is it just me or is the new Netscape going to be a really creepy, ugly hybrid?

McRorie the one-man bandstravaganza

Interesting one-man electronic band

Smiling not allowed in US passport photos

Another reason not to be happy to be an American citizen.

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