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Catastrophic success

Political Wire (via Scripting News): "In an interview with Time magazine, President Bush declared the war in Iraq a 'catastrophic success.' Sen. John Edwards responds in the Washington Post: 'I, like most Americans, have no idea what that means.'"

Google pushing Jabber

Would be great if some big company like google finally backed jabber. I hope they stick with the standards and market as Jabber based client.

For those interested, my jabber id is aquatix at amessage dot info

IE Objectifier

Good to see people fixing IE's problems with CSS and real DOM. When microsoft is paying attention, they might be able to build a good browser again.

XP SP2 Gives Reasons to Switch to Linux

Interesting read from someone who likes Windows as much as GNU/Linux for his desktop. He just prefers a safe and smooth desktop.

9 principles of Object Oriented design

Great post about UI design. A lot of common sense, but useful nonetheless.

Building a Better Mozilla - extensions

Wired article I ran across, noting some nice Mozilla Firefox extensions. The follow-up article has some other great ones. I personally can recommend AdBlock and All-in-one gestures for a far better browsing experience :)

Transparent Aluminum Is Here

Scotty would be pleased :)

Earth at Night

Beautiful composite images of our little planet Earth at night. Some high res images can be found here, and a 40MiB tiff is online too.

Bad moods boost memory

"A new scientific study shows that people who are in good moods tend to have unreliable memories." Maybe that's why some geeks are trying hard to keep their chagrin? :)

Ebooks doing well sans DRM

As I predicted myself some time ago, free/non-DRMed art doesn't mean no income to the artists.

Swedish BitTorrent site cusses at nastygramming Dreamworks lawyers

Finally some nice response to those all American lawyers.

"Dear Valued Customer, You Are a Loser"

"Wired News reviews a book about technology going awry." Don't we all love those companies?

"Berry" Good News

About the hilariously bad drinks of today and their marketing.

New Bushism

He did it again.

Microsoft Cutting Longhorn?

So, what is the use of Longhorn again?

WWJD 2: Design the new G5 iMac entries

Some people with too much time on their hands speculating about the next iMac. Some really nice fantasies included.

Famous last words: "People don't want open access"

I still think people _want_ to use the whole internet on their portable device [at least I do, but I'm geek] and I still think people should finally realize their websites aren't only for people surfing with ultra fast computers featuring screens with resolutions of 1024x768 and higher.

Treo 650 pics

Just one of those gadgets I think _really_ cool.

UI is Humble

Ok, it's about a Mac application, but he's got some good points.

The force of advertisement

When your clothes, soda drink and maybe even watch [who cares about Swatch ;)] are confiscated because they are of the opposing brands, what leaves you thinking you are living in a free country?

The Search Engine Belt Buckle

Vrije Universiteit | August 26, 15:25

Finally a destination for you iPaq. I'll stick with my Sony Clie TH55. Ey, that one does play movies as well. Hmm.

Linux keyboard

I'll stick with my almost ancient Mitsumi keyboard [one of the first with the € sign on it and one of the last clutter free keyboards], but it's a sign that GNU/Linux is catching on.

Bush in his true colors

Warning 1: not worksafe. Warning 2: very disturbing content

Swatch keeps time in Athens

Some info about keeping track of the fast people in Athens and deciding who gets the metal.

Lucas thinking about finishing Star Wars series

I've just posted some gadgets gems, vermyndax just posted some /. ones.

Layering Security

OK, for all people still stuck with windows, here goes some good list to keep your computer a bit safer than normal. For people who really care, I can recommend livecd's [handy for when a windows install is really screwed up] and GNU/Linux.

The decade of 2000 - the naughties

It's time for another sexual revolution, baby. Get with it. It's the naughties. Yeah, baby! Yeah!

How eight pixels cost Microsoft millions

Or, How you really have to care about your product and customers

Content sniffing considered harmful

Safari going the way of IE.

Official Microsoft winxp servicepack 2

Just a little word of caution ;)

Stupid security world

Confiscating a book for your own safety...

Olympic brand-whoring attains new, shameful low

Viva la sponsoring... I wouldn't want to be part of a happening where I can't even wear the clothes that I want [considering they aren't offensively nude ;)]

The Danger of the Dead

Something to think about. I guess.

Mysteries of the Ocean Deepen

Creepy creatures from the deep. Fascinating to realize we don't know a damn about our own planet and we already want to expand to other worlds.

Turning Slackers Into Workaholics

So there's hope for you slackers out there! Or your hope has just been crushed.

Microsoft just doesn't get it

What use does anyone have for a crippled version of windows [mind: not lightened by removing such ish like mediaplayer, ie or pinball], which features the following gems: "limited to lower resolutions" and "limit users to running three programs concurrently." It will also offer "limited networking capabilities." Sounds like windows 3.11 to me :/

You know when the system is fscked

This is a good example of how a system can go bad. America is not alone in this downward spiral. The Dutch government even made a point in trying to reduce rules. Bureaucracy baaaad.

Being lazy is good

Something to wave to your boss ;)

Spider-man reviews crayons

Hm, don't know what to think about this. It's a bit funnier [for a while] than looking at those Burger King "Spider-man hero meals"-poster-thingees.

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