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About cruftfree URLs

I don't agree with all of it, but there are some interesting points made.

F3ll0wsh1p of teh R1ng

Hm, well, I guess someone will laugh about this version of The Lord of the Ring :)

How Free Software won the hearts of hackers, capitalists, commies and academics

This paper addresses some folks' questions of how publishers are supposed to make money if they "give away" their content, something I've written a paper about myself. Reminds me I should put it online :)

President Bush accidentally allowed to be interviewed by a real journalist

That about wraps up the abilities of America's president. Scary, but nothing new.

Bush's desktop

Little bit outdated [he has mail from Saddam], but still funny.

News Skim Comics: Slip of the Tongue

Part 2 and part 3. These are some very funny photo comics, which put the American politics in a whole different light :) Gotta love Jay Pinkerton's work!

Spiderman comic remix

Very funny :) Make sure to check out his blog for more of this kind of stuff!

Simians, Cyborgs, and Gareth Branwyn

Nice little story about someone feeling cyborg by his hip replacement. Check his description of the thing :)

Common Sense Test

I guess all of you already know most questions, but it's fun nonetheless.

How Microsoft Lost the API War

Interesting read about how Microsoft lost the API war [their advantage of old software still working with their newest OS; mostly by building in all kind of hacks for specific malfunctioning programs]. They now don't put that much effort in that anymore and are pushing their endless stream of new technologies [please use the very latest versions of it] instead.

Copyright and trademarks: it's all about control

I totally agree with Adam Kessel saying: "... you can't control a work of art you've created. It's not really 'yours' any more than a child you create is 'yours.' ".

XHTML 1.0 reference with examples

While I was fiddling around with blockquotes and stuff I stumbled upon this one. Nice when trying to get standards compliant code in one of the more difficult settings [xhtml 1.1 strict - yay].

Everything we know about traffic-calming is wrong

It seems that our Dutch invention "woonerf" is quite good at stimulating peoples common sense about traffic.

The Reality of Running Away from Stuff

For those watching Hollywood productions from time to time.

Some code humor

Some geek stuff from kuro5hin ;)

Blurp about DRMed audio cd's

Quote: "I always hear record execs whining that they "can't compete with free" -- but maybe the real competitive disadvantage is that they're selling a product that's less useful than the one being served up on P2P nets."

Google's plans

I wonder if this is a good thing. It will be, if it's open enough to be not too tied in [as in Microsofts products]

Microsoft Purchases Evil From Satan

"I've been dealing with Microsoft for some time," Lucifer said. "I've been at this evil thing for millions of years, and wanted a way out."

About free hardware

Remember the note from Microsoft?

Dancing With Cats

Just plain scary :) Watch this movie too.

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